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Photos and text by Gabrielle.

I’ve got some gorgeous books for you and your kids to check out this summer. First up? What Can I Be, written by Ann Rand and illustrated by Ingrid Fiksdahl King.

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This book was originally published almost 40 years ago, but was reissued this past spring. It’s a classic. Vibrant and fun to look at, and it gets the brain going. It starts with a shape — a square or a triangle — and asks the reader to imagine what this shape might be. Is it a sail on a boat? A kite? A tree? All of the above?

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My next recommendation is The Truth About My Unbelievable Summer, by Davide Cali and Benjamin Chaud. (You may recognize the names from an earlier post.)

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I feel like these two (Davide and Benjamin) make a good pair. They know how to make kids laugh, and they understand how to hit that perfectly silly and fantastical note with both words and images.

In a few short weeks the what-did-you-do-this-summer questions will begin — here’s hoping this book inspires some super creative essays in the fall.

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And now we have Roy’s House, by Susan Goldman Rubin with art by Roy Lichtenstein. This one is for pre-schoolers. It’s simple — covering colors and numbers and other basics. But the whole book is illustrated with Lichtenstein’s work. So it’s also an introduction to the famed artist.

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I always love a chance to introduce kids to an artist they might not have heard of before, and this is an especially fun introduction because the art feels so kid-like and accessible, as if it’s straight out of a comic book. : )

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My fourth pick today just came out. It’s called Babies Ruin Everything, written by Matthew Swanson and illustrated by Robbi Behr. I happen to know this husband-wife team in real life. A few years ago, they applied to be speakers at Alt Summit, and they were fantastic — attendees couldn’t get enough of them. They’re both super smart and super funny, and they play off each other in the best sort of way.

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And this book is a great example of their work. It was created for big brothers and sisters who suddenly find their life disrupted by a new baby. The book is smart and witty, the illustrations are eye-catching and fun to study. Both children and adults will be nodding along and totally relating.

Now it’s your turn. What have you been reading lately? Any titles you want to recommend?