It’s not a carpentry-related post, but it seems very Guest Dad appropriate.

Like it or not, it’s almost autumn and that means football season. Millions of dads are preparing to hunker down on the couch and give an enthusiastic, “Yes!” to the question, “Are you ready for some football?” The National Football League and NCAA College Football games are the most popular spectator events in the country.

I have to admit that it’s pretty easy for a guy to get carried away with this, and this usually doesn’t thrill his better half. It’s not too cool to blow off your family to get some quality time watching your favorite team, so I have a suggestion. Dads, if the kids are old enough to color, print the drawings from the rulebook at They have pictures of football referees and all of the hand signals for penalties. During the game, just lay them out on the coffee table with a handful of crayons and start coloring with the kids. You will be able to teach them about the rules, give your wife a little break, and watch football.

Who said guys can’t multi-task?