I don’t really like to dwell on things I’ve missed, but I have to admit I feel a little pang that we didn’t catch the Flower Carpet at the Grand-Place in Brussels mid-August.

Belgium is renowned for its begonias — they’re the world’s largest producer of the bloom — and they really know how to show them off. After a year’s worth of planning and design, a hundred experienced and enthusiastic gardeners piece together over 750,000 begonias to create this delightful jigsaw…in about four hours! The exhibit lasts for just five breathtaking days.

It makes me happy when I see a big group of people working together to make something beautiful, just for the sake of making something beautiful for everyone else to enjoy. I’d like to join a project like this someday, wouldn’t you? Have you ever?

P.S. — Thanks to Tracy from Lafayette, Indiana for sending these begonias to me!