Friends! I’m so excited to tell you about this. Every time I think about it, I get all giggly. Next March, Ben Blair will turn 40 years old. The big Four Oh! Obviously, we want to do something awesome to celebrate such a landmark birthday, and we’ve come up with the perfect thing: a trip to Norway to see the Fjords! That’s right. We’re going to celebrate Ben Blair’s Fjordieth Birthday!!!

Ben has talked about visiting the fjords since I’ve known him. And somehow, we haven’t made it happen yet. But I think we’ve finally found the perfect excuse. Of course, as soon as we thought of the idea, the first thing we did was have a logo drawn up. (Hah! Can you guess my graphic design background?) There’s nothing like a logo and a public announcement to make me commit to a project. I hired Clayton Thompson. I knew I wanted hand-lettering, and I knew he would do an amazing job. And he did! Don’t you love the logo?

But here’s the thing, outside of the logo, we don’t really have a plan yet. And I’d love your advice. Should it be a romantic getaway? Should we invite everyone Ben Blair knows and loves — and see if they’re up for a big trip? And if yes, how might that work? Should we bring the kids? What would make it a really amazing celebration?

And what do you do at the Fjords? Hiking? Boating? I really have no idea. Have you been? Can we go in March for his actual birthday? Or do we need to postpone the trip till a warmer month?

I hope you’ll brainstorm with me! I’m so excited to get the plans going, and I’ll be sure to share updates as I go. Hooray for Fjordieth Birthdays!

P.S. — Don’t laugh, but I started planning this the day after Ben Blair turned 39. : )