This post is brought to you by The Fault In Our Stars. In theaters June 6th — based upon the number-one bestselling novel by John Green.


Can I tell you how happy I am that summer film season is here? I feel like there was nothing I was excited to see for months, then suddenly, I want to see a ton! Or at least 5:

1) Last week, Ben Blair and I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past. The last X-Men movie wasn’t my favorite, so I had low expectations for this one too. But it turns out I loved it! A really good script and story. We’ll be sending Ralph to this one for sure.

2) Then today, The Fault In Our Stars comes out — in fact, according to Twitter, some of you saw it at midnight screenings last night! This one I’m very much looking forward to. Maude, Olive, and I have all read the book. And cried over the book, too. Ralph is also excited about this one. He hasn’t read the book, but he’s a huge John Green fan. John Green is not just a best-selling author, he also has a super popular vlog that he runs with his brother. That’s how Ralph became a fan.

The story is about two teenagers dealing with cancer. I know that doesn’t sound too romantic, but it actually makes for a sweet love story. Happily, from the look of the trailer, the movie is going to stay very close to the book. Are you picky about that sort of thing? I’m medium picky. Maude is super picky. She’s a huge reader with a memory for details. So when a movie strays from the book plot, she takes it personally. Hah!

Have you read the book? Are you planning to see the movie? Here’s the trailer in case you’re curious:

3) The whole family is excited about How To Train Your Dragon 2. We’re headed to a screening this weekend. I didn’t know I would love the first one so much, but I did. I was impressed with the story, the animation, and the music too. I hope this sequal is equally good.

4) Betty and June keep asking when the new Annie is coming out. It’s a fresh (much more diverse!) take on the story and looks cute.

5) Ben Blair and I also want to see Edge of Tomorrow. We hadn’t heard much about it, but it’s getting good reviews. So now I’ve got in on my list. Lots of date nights on the horizon!

Now your turn. Any movies you’re looking forward to this summer? Any you’ve already seen and loved? And what’s your favorite book-to-movie adaptation? I’d love to hear.