I have been in the market for new drinking glasses for a few months. Our last set of broke, one-by-one, and I have been slow to choose something new. We have been muddling through with very small juice glasses from Ikea for a few months now. I like them, but they are really quite small — almost shot glasses. And to quench your thirst you have to refill like 6 times.

After a solid search, I’ve finally settled on these classic French work glasses. We bought a dozen, and half as many of the happy red lids. I had these in my home growing up and I know I like them. They are sturdy. They don’t break or tip easily. They are a good size for water and wide enough to easily accommodate a spoon (read: they’re a good size for rootbeer floats. We happen to consume a lot of rootbeer floats.) They’re not too big, so I won’t be tempted to pour myself more than I actually want. And with the lids, they function as storage pieces as well.

We knew these were available at Fish’s Eddy. So we stopped there after our table shopping at ABC. We also picked up a great butter dish and an additional carafe. Because let’s face it, one carafe doesn’t really cut it for 7 people. Also, in case you’re curious, the top photo is a Fish’s Eddy display window, taken outside the entrance. The ceramic hands are for sale. I’ve never bought one, but I’m tempted every time I stop by the store. I think they would be great to use as jewelry storage/display.