Have you ever been to Fishs Eddy in New York City? It’s a small, eclectic dishware store, right across the street from ABC Home & Carpet. It’s a happy little shop and a great place to find an affordable something-or-other to take home as a souvenir from your trip.

I was thinking of Fishs Eddy yesterday because I need to replace some broken pieces of white dinnerware; pondering whether I should go to Crate & Barrel or order something online, and wishing I could stop into Fishs Eddy and pick up what I need. And then I wondered: Have I ever written about Fishs Eddy on Design Mom?

I did a quick search and found another little gem from Adriana Velez about Fishs Eddy and how she avoided using plastic plates and bowls for her toddler. It was written in 2007, and it’s still so relevant! So I thought I’d republish it here today, original comments intact, with one big improvement: 10 years ago, Fishs Eddy online shop wasn’t much of anything, but now it’s great. Yay!

Here’s Adriana:

According to the shelves at Target I should be feeding my son with plastic: plastic plates, plastic bowls, plastic sippy cups, plastic cutlery. I can see why — the kid throws and drops things all the time. We don’t want him anywhere near china or crystal.

But plastic has all those toxins. You can’t microwave it. It always seems to come in garish colors. And I just don’t like the aesthetics of eating with plastic.

Psst, come over here with me to Fishs Eddy.

Fishs Eddy saved us. They carry diner china in all shapes and sizes. We found great little plates perfect for Jasper-sized meals as well as morning toast and fresh-baked cookies. They’re microwaveable and harder to break. Even if he does break one, who cares? They were cheap.

We also picked up cocktail forks and demitasse spoons at Fishs Eddy. I don’t recommend them for babies and he’ll outgrow them in a year or two, but they’re perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

If you don’t live near a Fishs Eddy look for diner china at your local restaurant supply store or at tag sales (update: or online!). Now if only we could find an alternative for sippy cups. And if only Jasper would stop breaking my heart by saying “Mommy, I like eating with plastic!”


Gabrielle jumping back in to ask: How do you (or how did you) handle dinnerware for your kids? Did you find a family-friendly fix? In my book, I recommend 3 options: enamelware, new-pewter, and diner ware (just like Adriana suggests!).


Credits: Adriana Velez is a freelance writer and former food editor at SheKnows.