First Film Festival

By Gabrielle.

I’m super excited to announce FIRST FILM FESTIVAL today!

It’s a brand new film festival for kids 18 years or younger, brought to you by Olive Us. Entries are accepted from now through the end of the summer — August 22nd. The festival will be online, so no need for participants to travel, and the prizes are fantastic:

Grand Prize: (valued at $2000+)
Canon Rebel T5i DSLR camera
Canon 50mm 1.4 lens
Professional tripod
Professional audio recorder and lapel microphone
Adobe Premiere
A year’s worth of movie tickets

1st Prize (valued at $1000+)
Professional audio recorder and lapel microphone
Adobe Premiere
A year’s worth of movie tickets

2nd Prize
A year’s worth of movie tickets

All participants receive a movie theater ticket, a festival t-shirt, and a certificate of participation.

Do your kids want to join in? They can enter here. The entry fee is $25 per film (and requires parental permission), and as I mentioned, entries are due by August 22, 2015.

So. That’s most of the pertinent info. But I’m betting some of you are curious: What is this all about? Why are we launching this new film festival? Good questions! And I can tell you that it all started with our Olive Us video series.

As you probably already know, we LOVE making short videos with our family. And our kids love making movies on their own as well! Because of this, we get emails from parents weekly, asking for tips on how they can help their kids make movies. What equipment do they need? What editing program do we recommend? What props do we keep around?

We love these emails and try to offer answers and tips in the Olive Us newsletter. And hopefully our answers are helping. We think they might be, because over the last couple of years, we’ve received additional emails from parents — but these don’t have questions. Instead, they have links to the awesome videos their kids have made!

As we were discussing how we could best celebrate those kid-made videos, it occurred to us that a film festival just for kids could be the perfect solution. So we explored ideas, came up with a name, bought a url, and now we’re launching First Film Festival!

Of course, as with everything we’ve tried with Olive Us (and really, with Design Mom too), this is an experiment. And we can assume we’ll adapt and change it over the years, or drop it if there’s no interest. But happily, we announced it in the Olive Us Newsletter last week, and sent the announcement to film camps across the country, and there has already been a TON of interest! We’re amazed and delighted at the response.

We envision this as a summer project for kids — a way for kids to focus their energy on a particular project and fight summer boredom, while creating something they can be proud of. And even if they don’t win, every participant will receive a t-shirt, a movie ticket and certificate of participation! For more information, you can check out the First Film Festival about page, or email Ben Blair.

So what do you think? Do you know any kids that would enjoy something like this? I’d love to hear! Oh. And feel free to tell your friends!