First Film Festival logo

By Gabrielle. Logo by Audrey Moore.

Oh my goodness. I haven’t shared an update on First Film Festival in ages. And there’s good stuff going on — including a snazzy new logo! In case you missed my original post, First Film Festival is a project we launched to encourage kids to get out there and make videos. Entries have been coming in all summer, and it’s so exciting!

There will be three big winners, with three big prize packages — but EVERYONE who enters will receive a $25 movie pass, plus a First Film Festival t-shirt. Awesome! And it’s open to anyone under 18.

There is still one week left to enter — so if your kids are interested, there’s still time! The final day for entries is August 22nd. Then, the entries will be handed over to our illustrious judges (have you checked out the fantastic judges page yet?). The festival will happen online in October. It will be both live-streamed and recorded. So wherever you are, you can watch it in real time, or watch the recording after the fact.

We have LOVED the response to the festival so far, and we can’t wait to see the rest of the entries! Tell your kids. Tell your friends. Such a fun opportunity for all those budding filmmakers out there!