By Gabrielle. Image by Uli Weber for Vogue.

Hello, Friends! We are already a full week into January, and into the new year too! But to me, it feels like January 1st, because this is the first day my regular life schedule has returned.

The kids are in school. The beds have been made. The laundry is started. And I’m sitting down with my laptop to tackle last week’s email. (Often, I work while I travel, but Venice turned out to be not-that-sort-of-trip.)

Can you guess from the image above what was on my mind first thing this morning? Downton Abbey, of course! I will assume you watched it while I slept last night. You lucky duck. I still haven’t seen it, so no spoilers, please. : )

I love this image of the Downton Ladies in couture. They are lovely! Tell me, Friends, do you have a favorite character on the show?