Trunk-or-Treat was Saturday. Which means costumes had to be finished Friday night. I’m glad to report that everything turned out wonderfully and the kids were proud of me because I didn’t freak out trying to getting it all done. (Mom, Grandma, or anyone else that’s interested, I’ve posted lots more photos here.)

The Mummy (pictured at top).
We half-sewed/half-hot-glued it together. I love it. Ralph loves it. And it’s really easy to get on and off. Everything but the head wrap is attached to the shirt or pants and it’s all very stable.

The Jack-O-Lantern.
Betty was very excited to put this on. And it was cozy. And she’s at the perfect chubby stage, so she filled it out well.

The Witch.
This is Olive’s best witchy expression. I keep calling this the Princess Witch costume. Because it has a tutu and is totally girly. We picked this up at Target and embellished the skirt hem with thick upholstery fringe to beef it up.

The Werewolf.
Oscar was napping while everyone else got ready, so when he came downstairs and saw what was going on, he was super-psyched to get into the werewolf costume. Here he is pictured mid-howl.

The Mrs. Frankenstein.
Maude was delighted with how this turned out and so was I. The hair was super-fun to do. I love the belt detail. The turtleneck and dress were picked up from Old Navy (not part of their costume line) and will be absorbed into her regular wardrobe post-Halloween.