The other day, I saw the instagram above from Jenny Komenda. She recently moved to a new house, and one of the first things she did when it was time to unpack, was fill the bookshelves. She said, “Unpacking the books made this house come alive. Feeling much more settled today.”

I totally know that feeling! When we moved into La Cressonnière, which already housed a great collection of books, I still took time to unpack our own volumes (a couple of boxes full that we’d shipped), add them to the existing collection, and reorganize the shelves to reflect our family. It made me feel at home! Bookshelves — what they look like and what they house — can make such a statement and add so much to any living space.

Pottery Barn Kids asked me to write a few articles for their Design Studio (a fantastic resource, by the way) and for the first one, I wrote out my thoughts on bookshelves. My favorite shelf height, how I like to organize them. Stuff like that. I hope you enjoy it!

What about you, Friends? Do you like filling your shelves? Or is it a task that makes you hesitate?

P.S. — In Colorado, we organized our books by color.