By Raleigh-Elizabeth.

I tend to buy lots of felt in every fantastic color whenever I happen upon it at the craft store; it’s cheap and happy, and rare is the person who hasn’t used the fabric to cut out the shape of their own hand or a choppy Valentine, right? So maybe we’ll all connect to this video of Venetian artist Jacopo Rosati creating a felt collage right before our eyes.

In a world of Photoshopped everything, isn’t it refreshing to see graphics made by hand? Each felt image takes well over two hours to make, which makes me feel better about all those Valentine hearts I labored over with safety scissors each February.

P.S. — What elementary school art project would you remake today if you had the time and supplies? Amped up shrinky-dinks and paper mache projects have my inner eight-year old begging for craft time.