Mrs. French Pinterest

By Koseli.

With the wealth of creative inspiration and vivid imagery on Pinterest, it can be easy to feel flooded by faceless pins and clever captions. So, we’re starting a new series to spotlight our favorite pinners for their unique style and asking them what inspires them most. Enjoy!

Our inaugural favorite pinner is Mrs. French of Blissful Blog. Do you follow her? You should! We asked her: What have you pinned recently that inspired you the most?

Jaime Derringer
I think I may go back to this pin more than most. Karin Johannesson captures flowers in a way I have never seen, which has me pining for spring in a huge way.

Pink Tile
Oh my the tile! Typically, when I pin interiors I am pinning cozy living rooms, or dining rooms with just the right type of seating. However this bathroom has me looking at the most under appreciated room in the house in a new way.

Rustic Bedroom
This bedroom is just right. It is tranquil, rustic and feels like home.

When I dream of dining room tables they look just like this.

Thank you, Mrs. French! We can’t wait for Spring, too — but that pink tile will definitely help hold us over until then. You can find Mrs. French on Pinterest here. (Our favorite boards are it’s good to be a girl and mmmmmm!)

Lovely readers, do you use Pinterest? If so, why do you like it?

P.S. — We’re excited to share more of our favorite Pinterest curators in the near future.