By Koseli.

We’re excited to share our latest Favorite Pinner. Anabela lives in Toronto with her husband, Geoff. Together they run the small accessories and paper goods line Fieldguided. Anabela maintains a blog of the same name here. Her boards feel ethereal and are often pastel, misty, or floral. Do you follow Anabela? You should!

We asked her: What have you pinned recently that inspired you the most?


One of my main uses of Pinterest is for bookmarking an image to go back to the source later. I pinned this image immediately from Liebemarlene because it has so many elements that I am a sucker for: blossoms, pretty hair, collegiate-style clothing, and the colours, lights, and tones are stunning. It was taken by Bernadette Pascua for the S/S 13 collection by Dress Up, a most lovely match.

valentino dress 2-1

I can’t say much about this dress beyond the fact that I wish I could own it. The print & cut are absolutely perfect in my eyes.

Rhubarb Rosewater

Geoff & I are lucky to have access to a shared yard, which is generally overrun with weeds, but which occasionally sprouts something fun and edible, such as rhubarb. Recently Geoff plucked a few stalks and since we didn’t know what else to do with it, he made it into a delicious rhubarb syrup that we enjoyed in cocktails and mixed with ice cream or yogurt. Coming across this recipe later, however, I wished we had added rosewater! Genius as ever, 101 Cookbooks (one of my favourite recipe websites).

Thank you so much, Anabela! We love your style. Are you enjoying our Favorite Pinner series? Any new favorite Pinners recently that you’d love to share?

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