Beth Kirby

By Koseli.

It’s been a little while since we’ve shared another favorite pinner! We are excited to introduce you today to Beth Kirby, the all-around creative genius behind the food(and so much more!) blog, Local Milk. Do you follow her? Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia introduced us and we are completely smitten. If you love beautiful styling and delicious food, you’ll love her pins. We asked Beth to tell us a little bit about herself and share three of her most favorite recent pins so we can get a flavor of her impeccable aesthetic. Here’s what she had to say:

A sorghum evangelist with southern gothic leanings, I’m a writer, photographer, stylist, and cook born and raised in the Tennessee mountains. I’ve led an eclectic life, living everywhere from New Orleans to the Netherlands, but I moved back to Tennessee two years ago and found myself inspired by what had been there all along: home.

Especially home cooking. Southern cooking is story telling, and I created my food & lifestyle blog “Local Milk” as a place to share my writing, photography, and seasonal, from scratch recipes. It’s a space devoted to cooking and simple, creative ways to make everyday life more beautiful, even if it’s just a shift in perspective. Or a biscuit.

I spend my days creating, styling, and shooting dishes; dreaming up new projects from an online shop (coming soon!) to pop up dinners to workshops, and I’m in the process of writing my first cookbook. I like to do a lot of everything and have an abiding passion for home, fashion, travel, and the arts as well as food.

I draw on everything around me for inspiration: the Jungian tomes my fiancé reads, a vintage copper kettle, my favorite Françoise Hardy album, an old hunting boot. All the different bits of life are connected, and it’s art’s job to illuminate those interconnections. That’s what my work, albeit humbly, aims to do.

Beth Kirby

And the pins that have inspired Beth most:

I have a long standing obsession with high waisted pants & wide brimmed hats, so I love everything about this: the perfect straw hat and an ensemble that echoes the classic style of Jane Birkin. (Discovered here.)

Beth Kirby<

We’re in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel, and I find myself most inspired by clean yet eclectic kitchens where farmhouse & modern merge; the rustic elements bring warmth while the more modern elements keep things clean. (Discovered here.)

Beth Kirby

This tart from Manger is the sort of recipe & image that inspires me; simple yet evocative, seasonal and fresh. The colors and the light speak volumes, so there’s no need for busy styling. In the same way, the fresh plums speak for themselves and can stand largely unadorned in the tart. The styling mirrors the food. (Discovered here.)

Beth, you’ve charmed us. Your boards are so beautiful! Thank you so much. For anyone who is inspired by Kinfolk Magazine, you’ll absolutely love following Beth’s blog and Pinterest boards. We especially love her Gather, Culinary, and Locks boards.)

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