mont st michel

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Hello, Friends! It’s true, Holiday Giveaway Week 2011 is over, but I have another fun contest up my sleeve that will last until Christmas Eve. And I think you’ll love it. See the photo above? It’s one of my favorite family memories of our time in France. It’s a picture that we took on our first visit to Mont St. Michel.

The image brings up so many thoughts and emotions! It was one of our first big outings since we moved here and I remember feeling nervous about it. We had Mont St. Michel basically to ourselves and didn’t even realize it — on later visits, those same stairs would be wall-to-wall people. The kids running look so kid-like and free. And I love that they happen to be so colorful (a complete accident!).

So here’s the contest: I want to see your favorite family memory photos too!

I’m partnering with Federated Media for this contest, and this is how to enter: Upload your favorite or best photo to flickr. Look for photos that capture a family memory — could be anything! A shot from your last vacation. Hanging out in the kitchen. A birthday party. A summer hike. Maybe decorating for the holidays… I can’t wait to see them! Upload them to Flickr, and tag them with #CapturedPhotoContest_DesignMom. Be sure to mark them as “public” too or I won’t be able to see them.

You can upload up to 5 photos, and you have until December 24th to do it. I’ll be watching for new photo uploads and I’ll share some of my favorites here on Design Mom over the next couple of weeks.

After Christmas, I’ll take a look at all the entries, judge them based on Creativity, Quality, & Best Capture of a Family Memory, and (drumroll please) the winner will receive a $500 Best Buy Gift Card!

How does that sound? I really hope this will be a fun way to celebrate your family, and reminisce about favorite memories throughout the holidays. I’m really excited to see your photos!

P.S. — Here are the official rules.