Top US lifestyle blog, Design Mom, shares their thoughts on their Favorite Christmas Carol and Christmas Music.

Christmas music! What’s your take? Do you have a favorite Christmas Carol or a Christmas album? Do you listen to the holiday station on the radio? Do you start playing Christmas songs on Thanksgiving Day and keep the music going till New Year’s Day? And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, what is it like having every almost every shop and restaurant in the country play seasonal music all month long?

As you can guess, I woke up today thinking about Christmas Carols. My very favorite of the Christmas hymns is Oh Come All Ye Faithful. I like that it’s an invitation, and I love the line about “Oh come let us adore Him.” That’s how I feel about new babies in general — my instinct is to visit a new baby just so we can oooh and aaah over her. (Wow! A brand new human! A new life! It’s endlessly miraculous!). I guess the lyrics just resonate with my life experience.

As far as non-hymn holiday songs go, my favorite is probably Come On! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance! by Sufjan Stevens. I like the portrait it paints of an American Family Christmas — that funny familiar mix of Santa and the manger. And it’s lots of fun to sing as a group too.

In addition to thinking about holiday music, I also woke up today in disbelief that Christmas is coming so soon. I found myself making a little mental evaluation of the holiday season so far. Have I done the things that make Christmas meaningful to me and my family?

For the most part the answer is: yes. We’ve attended (and participated in) several holiday shows, concerts and theater productions. We’ve appreciated the light displays. We’ve read Christmas stories. We’ve put “hay” in our manger as we’ve observed good deeds among family members. We’ve decked the halls.

We’ve served in the community. We’ve kept spices simmering on the stove so the house smells good. We’ve gone to lots of Christmas parties. We’ve shopped. We’ve sent gifts. We’ve kept Christmas playlists streaming from the speakers. We’ve hosted friends for a hot cocoa bar. And Grandma & Grandpa Mac are coming for Christmas too, so we’re looking forward to that. Overall, it’s been a good December.

The only things I’m still craving to make this season feel complete, are holiday baking, and singing Christmas Carols. We’ve done a little of both of those, but not enough to fill my craving. So now I’m looking at the calendar and making sure those things are going to happen. : )

What about you? Do you have a favorite Christmas Carol / Song / Hymn? Are you sick of seasonal music at this point in the month? And is there something you’re craving that would make this holiday season feel more complete? I’d love to hear!