By Gabrielle.

I see a fair amount of fur in France, especially during the dressed-up winter holidays, most of it exuding an elegant air of “I have been warming this family for three generations, thank you very much.” And then there’s the on-trend younger set’s predilection for faux; whether they’ve chosen it for fashion or due to lack of funds, it’s all cute.

But I wonder. Is faux fur just as ethically charged as the real deal? Maybe you’re against fur, but have no issue with a coat that looks just like fur. Or perhaps you’ve got a hand-me-down fox stole from Great Aunt Helen; what else is there to do but wear it, right? It’s already dead, and has been for decades. Meanwhile, you look so good in it that The Sartorialist photographs you chicly crossing the street in New York while wearing it, and a legion of bloggers pin your image for inspiration. And foxes all over the world run for cover, and your name is as good as Voldemort’s in every skulk.

It’s a mixed message, isn’t it? What are your thoughts?

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek alternative for Great Aunt Helen’s fox stole. And if you’re going for faux, go all out!