My family game night is sponsored by Wii U. How U will play next! Click here for a chance to win a Wii U™ Deluxe Set and $5,000 to take your family on vacation!
By Gabrielle.

This is my last Wii U post. It’s just a little encouragement to enter the Family Game Night Sweepstakes. You could win an awesome Wii U Deluxe — plus $5000 for a family vacation. Sounds good to me! And I would be over the moon if a Design Mom Reader was the winner.

You can find all the details here, but for a quick summary, to enter the contest, you’ll create a Pinterest pinboard named “Family Game Night.” Then pin pictures from your own game night or even inspirational photos for the game night you’d love to host.

Time’s running out! Enter by December 22nd. I hope you win!

 P.S. — I know these photos from our Wii U party are blurry, but I love the energy! See all 4 posts about our game night here.