My family game night is sponsored by Wii U. 

We have been gaming console-less since we moved to France. I didn’t think we’d miss it for a year and left it in storage. But one year has turned into 2 years+, and I confess, we’ve sighed over our lack of Wii on more than one occasion. It’s not even that we’re huge gamers, it’s just that winter is really long and cold here, and those active games are so reliable to keep us moving on dreary days. (They’re such a draw for playdates too!) Anyway, Nintendo reached out about Wii U, their hot new system, and I was all: Sign me up!

Have you seen the Wii U? It looks ideal for groups and families. You can have up to 4 players splitting the TV screen and working together, and a fifth player using the screen on the new Gamepad Controller and acting as opposition. Which is awesome! And pretty much a perfect fit for our 5 oldest (because our #6 is too little anyway : ).

The launch game for the Wii U is called Nintendo Land — it’s a theme park where all the different “lands” are based on popular Nintendo worlds. Think Donkey Kong, Mario, and Zelda. Again, perfect for our crew — familiar, family-friendly games.

The console is supposed to arrive this week, and the kids are pretty psyched, so we decided to make t-shirts for our opening night competition. (Mostly, we always like a good excuse to come up with t-shirt slogans.) We used the little blue rounded “U” box from the logo for the background, and spent a dinnertime coming up with t-shirt options. Here’s what we have so far:

Wii Madame
Wii Monsieur
It’s on like Donkey Kong
Wii are the World
Team Mario
Team Luigi

If you want in on the t-shirts, you’re in luck. I’ve got downloads ready for you in two sizes, for grownups and little people. Just print out in reverse on iron-on paper. Then cut out and place it on the t-shirt. Turn it over for ironing. And voila! You’re good to go.

But first, I’d love your help. We came up with 6 designs, but we want 2 more, so that each family member has their own. Will you help us out? What should our other two t-shirts say?