My family game night is sponsored by Wii U. 

You know that little head cold I mentioned on Friday? Well, by Saturday morning it had turned into full-blown can-barely-make-it-off-the-couch sickness. And I was pretty much a lump all weekend.

But the Wii U arrived on Saturday afternoon, and the kids were soooo excited, that of course, I wouldn’t have dreamed of putting off the party. We ended up spending Saturday evening setting up, and scheduled the party for Sunday afternoon. (FYI: I’m feeling much, much better now!)

Here’s the story with set up. We did a little tag-teaming. Ben Blair and Ralph went to the grocery store to pick out party treats — in Wii U white of course. (Of course!) Grocery stores in our village close at 7:30, and they don’t open on Sundays, so this errand was pretty much had-to-be-done-right-then.

While they were at the store, I sat huddled on the sofa with a blanket, and watched 13-year-old Maude set up the console like she was some kind of gaming pro. Olive, Oscar and Betty loaded the hand controllers with batteries and put them in their protective coverings.

June helped out by being 2 years old and irresistibly cute.

Part of the setup included updating the software of the Wii U unit. Since we live in a farmhouse in the middle of the countryside our internet connection isn’t what you would call “strong”, so this took us a good hour+, but we used the downtime to prep and eat dinner, so nobody minded.

Once the set-up was complete, we had 3 games to pick from: Batman, Scribblenauts, and NintendoLand. But we asked the kids to save the games for our big Wii U party, so instead of gaming, they spent Saturday night making Miis.

I’m just going to tell you right now, making Miis is my kids’ favorite part of the Wii U (it was their favorite part of the Wii as well). By the end of Saturday night, we had Miis for all 8 members of the family, plus all the Harry Potter characters.

If Miis are new to you, they’re basically a character that you create, and then you can choose that character to play in Wii U games on your behalf. You can control the hairstyle, hair color, shape of the eyes and mouth, clothing color. Pretty much everything.

I assume you can play the Wii U without making Miis, but for my kids, I knew Miis would be their first priority, and would definitely count as part of setting up. So saving the party for day 2, actually worked out really well. : )

If you’re a Wii U family, I’d love to know: Do your kids spend more time on games or on making Miis?

P.S. — I’ve got loads of great party photos to share next week. Plus, we totally used two of your t-shirt suggestions! Thank you so much for all the help. I’ll show you which ones we ended up using in the next post. Here’s a sneak peek of the party: