My family game night is sponsored by Wii U. 

As promised, I have lots of Wii U party photos to share. But I’m just going to tell you first thing: When I saw the ads, I thought the Wii U looked cool, but I wasn’t sure it would be much different than the Wii. But friends, we LOVE it. It’s perfect for groups and families! And it’s perfect for a busy house.

During the party we played NintendoLand — which is the launch game for the Wii U. So of course, it really takes advantage of what the Wii U can do. NintendoLand comes with 3 types of games. There are Team Up games, where everyone works together. There are Battle It Out games, where one person uses the Gamepad Controller and plays against up to 4 more players who share the TV screen. There are also Solo Games, if you’re playing on your own.

During our party, the Battle it Out games definitely got the biggest reaction. Olive might be on the Gamepad Controller, while Ralph, Maude, Betty & Oscar played with traditional controllers. Or Ben Blair might take the Gamepad Controller and do a grownups against the kids round. It made for lots of happy shouting, excitement and laughs!

The next day, when the kids were playing more casually, they said they preferred the Team It Up games because everyone worked together and no one felt bad at the end. I thought that was sweet. : )

The other thing we really appreciate about the Wii U, is that the Gamepad Controller can be played on it’s own. So if Olive is playing Wii U, and someone else needs the TV, Olive can keep playing on the Gamepad Controller. The flexibility is really nice.

The Wii U is already well-loved at our house. Maude is having friends over tomorrow to study — but mostly to play Wii U. It’s definitely a hit with the Blairs!

And without further ado, here are the 8 t-shirts we ended up making:

Thank you again, for all the help coming up with ideas. High five for Family Game Night!

P.S. — Here are earlier posts about making the Wii U tshirts and setting up the console.