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By Gabrielle. Rad lyrics poster by Amy Rice.

Something fun I wasn’t expecting about having older kids: They keep us updated on new music! Growing up, in sibling order I fell between my brothers Josh and Jared. Both were (and still are) really into music. And they introduced me to pretty much everything I listened to from 6th grade on. But these days, Ben Blair and I get a good chunk of our music recommendations from my older 3 kids, Ralph, Maude & Olive.

Turns out, we love sharing music with the kids! They keep us updated on what’s making the iTunes top selling lists. They introduce us to bands of the moment and songs that have gone viral. (Did anyone else sing that Thanksgiving song while they mashed potatoes?) Ralph has even tried to introduce some dubstep, but so far, I’m not feeling it. 

And in turn, we love introducing them to bands we adored as teenagers. During my 15th year I listened to The Church: Starfish album obsessively. The other day I remembered it and bought the album to listen to with the family. Ben spends time teaching the kids chords and lyrics to family favorites. It’s such a treat to hear them belting out a song we love.

We like that our family is equally at home with Sufjan Stevens and Taylor Swift.

Growing up, I also loved listening to my parents’ music — Simon & Garfunkel, Mamas & The Papas, Beach Boys, The Kingston Trio. Though I don’t remember quite as much back and forth sharing. I don’t remember if they loved the music we listened to. I think we tended to keep it to ourselves.

Tell me, friends, are there bands you like to listen to as a family? Or do you have different musical tastes than your kids? Have your kids ever introduced you to a song/band?

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