By Gabrielle. Images by Dina Goldstein.

There’s usually a time in most of our lives when we dreamed of being a princess, right? A castle, a pretty  dress, no responsibilities, and a few adoring subjects doesn’t sound too bad this morning!

Dina Goldstein shows us the darker side of the fairy tale in her Fallen Princesses series. It’s part hilarious, part heart-breaking, and wholly thought-provoking. Pocahontas turned cat lady? Oh, and poor, poor Rapunzel. I’m moved in the most unexpected ways. Love it. And it actually makes me quite content to be in my mostly unpacked and totally lovely home, wearing some super cute jeans, with a few adoring subjects of my own! Hope you’re feeling like a princess today, Friends! (Just not like Snow White. She doesn’t seem to be having much fun.)