Scrubber. By The Honest Co.

This post brought to you by The Honest Company.

You can totally ignore the title of this post. I don’t actually think it’s true. But it happens to be true in my life this year! Remember how when we moved into The Treehouse it was fully furnished? Well, we ended up combining our clearing-things-out-for-Goodwill with a thorough deep cleaning — emptying the kitchen shelves and wiping them out, washing the exterior windows, vacuuming out the closets, scrubbing the baseboards, stuff like that. I think even if the house had been empty when we moved in, I would have wanted to dive in with a deep clean anyway. There’s something about thoroughly cleaning a space that makes it feel like your own!

When my friends at The Honest Company heard we’d bought a house, they sent a welcome home package stocked with their eco-friendly cleaning supplies. And I was so grateful! I had tried some of their samples (like their healing balm) during Alt Summit in January (remember when I met Jessica Alba?!), but this was a chance to really try out their products in a deep cleaning scenario.

I especially liked the idea of using the move as a clean slate and starting from scratch with only non-toxic products in the house. I know it can be hard to throw out half-used products — even if they’re harmful. It feels like waste! So this was the perfect chance to start fresh.

Honest actually carries a pretty wide line of products — far bigger than I had originally guessed, and growing every day. At first I thought they focused on diapers and baby shampoos, but they also offer bath & body products, cleaning supplies, even vitamins. For those of you who are in the midst of your own seasonal scrub downs, here are some of my favorites among their cleaning supplies:

Design Mom's Favorite Cleaning Products from The Honest Co.

1) Laundry Pods. I love these pods. No drips or powdery mess.
2) Dish Brush. Happy pop of color!
3) Dish Soap. Lots of suds. White grapefruit is my favorite scent.
4) Multi-Surface Cleaner. We use it on counters, cupboards, dining chairs, and on and on.
5) Scrubber Sponges. Made from walnut shells and recycled plastic.
6) Floor Cleaner. No bucket of water required because it’s rinse-free. So easy — and good on the wood floors we uncovered!
7) Rinse Aid. Add it to your dishwasher for sparkly clean (chemical free!) glasses.

If you’re wanting to start fresh with your own cleaning supplies, the Honest Collections are a really smart way to go — you can get all the essentials bundled at a discount!

I’d love to hear: how do you handle a half used bottle of a product you don’t love? Are you one of those people that feels compelled to use every last drop of shampoo, every spritz of window cleaner, before you can open a new bottle or tube? Or can you dispose of, recycle and move on without a second thought? Ben Blair is great at cutting his losses and moving on when a product isn’t working for him. But I often feel compelled to use it up, even if I don’t like it much — that fear of waste is so strong! I swear my ability to squeeze one more use of toothpaste out of a empty-looking tube is practically legendary among my kids. : )

P.S. — If you’re ready to jump in and detox your house, Design Mom readers can get $10 off a minimum purchase of $40 using the code DM10off40.* Or, if you’re feeling wary about trying something new, why not order one of their Free Trial Kits? All you pay is shipping.

* Applies to U.S. and Canadian residents only (one per customer).Valid for first-time orders only. Expires October 18, 2013.