[ UPDATE: The video is live below. Spoiler: I ended up talking about “lifestyle porn” for a looooong time. Would love your thoughts! ]

Ever since the launch of Alt Summit, almost 8 years ago, Januarys are my most challenging month. Over the holiday break, I inevitably think up big plans for Design Mom and can’t wait to introduce them and implement them with the start of the new year. But at the same time, my Alt Summit deadlines become super pressing in January and they often take precedence over my Design Mom projects. It’s tricky. And all these years later, I’ve never quite figured out the best way to handle it. That old familiar fear creeps up: Am I’m doing a whole bunch of things really poorly? Am I failing at everything? Ugh. So dumb. Sometimes my brain is my own worst enemy.

Anyway. One thing I committed to make happen today is a fresh, new Facebook Live broadcast. Hooray! I have loved connecting with you there over the past few months, and getting to chat with you about all the random things on my mind. There’s something really wonderful about just talking with you. No editing. No pretense. No worries that the tone I’m going for won’t translate in my writing.

I definitely hope to keep up the weekly broadcasts. And for those of you who don’t use Facebook, I’ll be sure to post the video here on this post in case you want to see it. If you’d like to watch live, the broadcast will start at 11:30 PST on the Design Mom Facebook page. Come say hello and take a peek at my colorful hair!

Oh man. I really talked and talked on this one! I discussed the hair, gave a few updates on the kids — Maude makes an appearance! — and then got into a lengthy bit about the topic of Lifestyle Porn. If you get a chance to watch or listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts!