I just realized there are some Facebook Live broadcasts I haven’t shared here. One from July, one from August, and a new one that was just broadcast today.

At first, my Facebook Live broadcasts were long-form — usually lasting about 40 minutes. But over the summer, I decided to try shorter videos, and tend to keep them about 10 minutes or less. I think I’m digging the shorter format. You too?

Today, I shared 3 Beauty Product/Toiletry Brands I’ve Been Super Curious About and Finally Tried:

Dr. Christopher’s
Black Ointment
Complete Tissue & Bone

Coconut Oil Whitening Mouthwash in Peppermint or Lemon
(My original post on oil pulling here.)

Beauty Pie
Micro-Mineral Serum Foundation
Smart Powder Blush
One Powder Wonder
Future Lipstick Matte in Hot Saucy
Future Lipstick Matte in Cowboy Nude

Find them all on their site.

In August, I shared Six Really Cool Products that Brought Happiness and Sunshine to the Design Mom House This Month — Betty and Oscar helped. : )

Sources mentioned in the video:
Prynt Pocket, Instant iPhone Printer

Mom’s Stuff Salve

Meri Meri Unicorn Party Supplies and Unicorn Doll

Centinelle Scarves

Japanese School Supplies

Olive Us Pottery Lesson.

In July, I shared 3 Things I Bought Online This Week That Made My Life Better:

A Silk Nightgown — I’m obsessed with this. And I wear it with pearls. I think it’s my new thing. My pattern is called Peonies. Also, here’s a super affordable $12.99 version. (Tip — Do an Amazon search for “silk nightgown batwing” and there are a ton.)

Toilet Seat (elongated). I should have replaced ours years ago. Best dollars spent in ages.

Rainbow Party Supplies for my stash. From the amazing Oh Happy Day Party Shop.


Any fun new products you’ve tried lately? Anything especially good? Let me know in the comments! And if there’s something you’d like me to try in a future video, you can tell me that too.