I’m so excited to show you the birthday garland we made last week. It was for the big double birthday — Olive on the 25th and Ralph on the 26th. I saw the idea at Liz’s blog and immediately fell in love.

Favorite parts:
1) It was such a great kid project. They could pick out fabric. They could trace shapes (not perfect? didn’t matter). They could cut out shapes (again, mess-ups don’t show). They could sort shapes. They could decide on the order/fabric of the shapes to be sewn. Basically, with some direction, they could do everything but run the sewing machine.

And we made two small changes to the original pattern: we replaced the clover shape with circles, which were easier to trace and cut out and we added a length of ribbon to each end so that we could tie it to something easily — and to make the beginning and end feel more finished.

2) We didn’t spend a dime. We went through my fabric remnants and scraps from past projects and looked for a palette that would be gender neutral and look good for end-of-summer/early fall. We didn’t even use the thread the original post recommended. We just used what was already in the sewing machine — blue on top, green in the bobbin. Done and done.

3) It looks so cute! I think I’ll leave it up through September. A couple of the prints even feel back-to-school-ish. Love it. Directions here.