tote bag leather strap Fabric and Handletote bag leather strap Fabric and Handle

So excited! Maude is turning 12 years old tomorrow. To celebrate, we are heading to London for the weekend. Just me and Mimi. We are taking a ferry from Caen, France to Portsmouth, England early this morning, then a train from Portsmouth to London. We’ll check into the Grange St. Paul’s and then see Wicked on Thursday night. We’ll stay to sight-see till Saturday.

I’ve never been to London before and am just about bursting because I’m so happy about this little trip. Friends have been emailing suggestions for don’t miss touristy things we can do and we’ve been making a list. I’d love to know: What’s your number one thing to do or see in London?

tote bag leather strap Fabric and Handle

P.S. — Don’t you think these bags, by Fabric & Handle, would be perfect for a weekend totebag? I love the simple materials and think the straps are gorgeous (yay for adjustable!). Also. What’s the deal with tween girls and Wicked? Musicals have never been my thing, but everyone assures me this one is amazing.