Now that the weather has warmed up, we’ve been exploring. Of course, it’s fun to get to know our new home, but we’re also trying to get our “Visitor Itinerary” figured out.

We adopted the idea of having a Visitor Itinerary when we lived in New York and had a million houseguests. We came up with a couple of different tried-and-true ways to spend a great day in Manhattan, and we had a list of spots in Westchester that we knew were guaranteed to please. The itinerary was always flexible, but it really helped me to relax and enjoy the company instead spending time struggling to come up with dinner recommendations or inexpensive entertainment.

If you come to see us in Normandy, here are two of the spots we might take you to visit:

chateau carrouges

While my mom was with us, we stopped at Chateau Carrouges. I mentioned this castle before, but the first time we visited, it was too cold to see much. This time, we could really walk around and see the grounds. I love this spot. It’s the perfect backdrop for a picnic or picturesque walk. And it’s so close! Only 15 minutes from our house.

The picture above is a building that you walk through to enter the grounds. This is the actual castle:

chateau carrouges

chateau carrouges

Something fun we discovered on this second visit: there’s a real live moat surrounding the whole castle. I think it’s the first moat I’ve seen!

chateau carrougeschateau carrougeschateau carrougeschateau carrouges

During business hours, you can pay an entry fee and go inside the castle. It wasn’t open during our visit, but it sounds like there’s a small museum and gift shop inside. To walk around the grounds is free. 

chateau carrouges

The whole castle is surrounded by open green space and orchards and gardens. Really lovely.

chateau carrouges

Last weekend, our friends at church recommended a visit to St. Ceneri le Gerei, about an hour’s drive from our house. It’s designated as “les Plus Beaux Villages de France“, which means it’s considered one of the prettiest villages in the whole country. And it does not disappoint! It’s definitely on our Visitor Itinerary.

St Ceneri le GereiSt Ceneri le Gerei

While we were there, a walking tour came through the village. There were about a hundred people (I heard German and French being spoken). The whole group was geared up with hats, packs and walking sticks. It made me happy to see them.

St Ceneri le GereiSt Ceneri le Gerei

One of the fun things about this village, is that there are a couple of places where you can be right by the water. I always love that.

St Ceneri le Gerei

The next spot we want to visit is Chateau D’O. It’s only 5 minutes from the house and it looks so picturesque. We drove by, but the grounds were locked up, so we snapped this picture through the gate.

chateau d'O

Have you ever lived somewhere that brought lots of visitors to your house? Have you ever planned a Visitor Itinerary?

P.S. — Can you tell from our clothes that we do lots of exploring after church on Sundays? Also, I keep forgetting to bring our camera when we head to church, so all these photos were taken with an iPhone. : )