everyday food video prep

By Gabrielle.

Friends! I have some fun news! When I was in New York last month for Alt Summit, I was invited to join an episode of Everyday Food with Sarah Carey. I had such a great time at the video shoot! Sarah is really smart and really funny, and I thought it was such a treat to hang out with her. (Bonus: it’s always fun getting hair and makeup done). And today, the episode came out! (It also happens to be Alt Summit San Francisco today. Isn’t that fun timing? I love stuff little coincidences like that!) Take a look:

Watching this video made me really happy. I adore Sarah! And tzatziki, too! It’s one of our very favorite family recipes. We started making it when Ben Blair and I lived in Greece — back during our college days — so it’s been a consistent part of our family food memories throughout the years. If you try the recipe, I’d love to hear what you think.

By the way, do you subscribe to the Everyday Food videos? I get a new one in my inbox each day and I’m such a fan. Sarah is so encouraging and fuss-free — she makes me feel like I can cook anything.

P.S. — I was told I am the first guest on the series. What an honor!