I resisted becoming a mini-van family for as long as possible. We needed the space but from a design point of view, I just wanted something more funky than the best sellers: Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. I found my happy place with the VW Eurovan. The Eurovan is super-cool. There is so much headroom that I usually just climb in the back with the kids, walk around buckling everyone in and then walk my way to the front seat. No other mini-van touches it for space. Also, it’s unusual for me to see one when I’m out and about which makes me feel like they’re special.

Sadly, VW stopped selling them in North America and I am selling mine because it’s getting older (it’s a 2001) and I don’t have the time or inclination to take care of an aging vehicle. So now I’m stuck in the same dilemma: what interesting vehicle has passenger space for 7 or more and room for groceries/stroller?

If a local VW dealer would import a brand new Eurovan from Europe or Mexico and lease it to us, I would like that.