By Gabrielle.

In between oohing and ahhing over the Australian and online treasure trove known as Fenton and Fenton, I found my gasps cut short by a phrase in their wanderlusty About section: ethically sourced. Does that mean anything to you? Or does it mean everything to you?

We live in an age where collections — touchable and virtual — tend to be curated without much thought about what belongs to whom. I’ve been a part of many discussions about ethics, and I’ve been lucky enough to participate in campaigns that have bolstered my love for ethical products that spread goodness. But I’ve also seen how an artist’s work can be mass-produced halfway around the world without permission, so many knock-off designer labels that somehow look better than the original, and local crafts from an exotic locale resold for much profit to those on the selling end…not the making end.

So I’m curious: If you love and covet an object enough, does its provenance matter to you? What won’t you buy, just on principle?

Fenton and Fenton found via Honestly WTF.