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This post is brought to you by The New Santa Fe from Hyundai.
By Gabrielle.

Last week I told you about the day my sisters spent in the redwoods on a zip-lining adventure. Well, there was also a second-part of the campaign with Hyundai that looks like it was all sorts of amazing fun, and has me taking notes for the next birthday party we host.

tin foil warriorbeach ballspaper rockets

Hyundai invited bloggers + kids, and local residents too, to an Epic Playdate on the beach in southern California. There was an entire day’s worth of engaging activities like giant beach balls, and making tin-foil armor, and paper rocket ships. Once again, the images of my nephews make me want to eat them up. (Man I miss those cute kids!)

Also, I think Liz and Jordan’s activities might be my favorite.

sand art installation

Liz led the Sand Art Installation, and I think it’s genius! She taped out sections on a tarp, and provided squeeze bottles full of colored sand that the kids used to “draw” with in their assigned section. I think it’s so smart, because it’s one of those activities where one child might finish in about 5 seconds, and another might spend an hour — everyone’s happy! And it looks really cool, too. You can read more about how she organized this activity here.

giant bubbles

Jordan led the giant bubble activity — made from hula hoops dipped in bubble solution. Fun fact: This has been a family favorite of ours since my brother Jared made giant bubbles for a 4th grade science fair. : ) If you haven’t tried this with your kids, I highly recommend putting it on your list of summer-fun activities. It’s the sort of thing that will gather all the kids in the neighborhood in an instant.


The most jaw-dropping part? At the end of the day, the Epic Playdate attendees were invited to camp (in the most amazing tents!) on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Dreamy as can be.

I loved seeing the photos from the event and watching things unfold on the attendee’s instagram feeds. It made me so excited for summer!

Just curious: Have you ever tried any of these activities? Are there any that you’d bookmark for a future event?