By Raleigh-Elizabeth.

Before the snow comes and the leaves fade away, British land artist Richard Schilling sets off into the outdoors to make art from the natural beauty all around him. Leaves become stained glass, icicles become sculpture. These pieces only last a minute, but in that moment, they find a perfect, natural beauty.

“There is a point a sculpture reaches where it is at its most vibrant and it is then that I take the pictures, and it is often just before it completely falls apart,” Schilling said in an interview.

His creations remind me so much of growing up. Just as you become accustomed to the equipment around you, and just as you’re able to make something momentarily perfect out of it, the seasons change, you grow some more, and the cycle starts again. It’s a beautiful process, and like Schilling’s art, it’s an ephemeral one, too.

What are your favorite moments of momentary beauty? I can’t help but think of the morning dew on my windowsill, catching the light and making rainbows all over the floor, and also that first frost, when everything just sparkles.