Eloise Renouf Print

By Gabrielle. Prints by Eloise Renouf.

I’ve mentioned this too many times, but I always thought I would end up with a career as a pattern and textile designer. Alas, so far I have not made time to even attempt this. But that doesn’t mean I don’t follow pattern designers like I’m part of a crazy fan club. My latest obsession is Eloise Renouf. I was introduced to her work when we used her trees on the sample cutting boards we featured last week. A reader commented with a link to her Etsy shop and I hopped over to check it out. And then kept clicking. And clicking.

Eloise Renouf Tree PrintEloise Renouf Dishtowel

She designs all sorts of nature-inspired patterns. Clouds and birds and flowers and leaves. And there are geometric patterns too. Circles, triangles and color blocked squares. But my favorite are the trees! I don’t what it is, but I can’t get enough of her woodland prints (especially this one and this one). I think one of these definitely needs to hang on the wall of The Treehouse. Plus, I’m probably going to need to order this dishtowel.

Tell me: Have you ever become particularly enamored with the work of an artist or designer? If yes, who was it? And did you end up buying a sample of their work? I’m so curious!