Oh my goodness! Look at the fun package we received. It’s called
Elf on the Shelf. It’s meant to be a new Christmas tradition for your family. We’ve been participating for 3 or 4 days now and we’re hooked.

Here’s how it works. Mr. Elf comes to visit your home during the holidays. He watches over the home and reports back good deeds to Santa each night. The next morning he comes back and sits in a new location. Your kids get to search him out each day. On Christmas Eve he returns to the North Pole and stays their until next year.

Here’s how it goes down at our house. Each morning the kids say, “Our elf is still in the same spot.” Then I think “Oh shoot!” And when they’re not looking, I move Mr. Elf and they notice he’s moved later in the day. But they love it anyway.

The package includes the darling elf (very retro charming) and a beautiful story book that explains how the tradtion works. There’s a space in the book to name your elf. We named ours Humboldt.

Side note: this package was a really wonderful thank you gesture from my lovely friend Melissa for a tiny favor I did for her earlier this year. Do I now send a thank you for the thank you? I’ve never been clear on how that works. . . In case you’re reading, Melissa. Thank you! We love Humboldt.