Have you ever waited till the last minute to pick up a cool Easter basket, and by the time you went shopping all the good looking options are gone? (Me too!) Here are a few to help you check some items off your Easter list.

1. Silver Rope Basket! Comes in gold as well here. And on sale!
2. Paper Woven Basket, in a few different color options.
3. Small White Farmhouse egg gathering basket.
4. Set of Two! Retro Classic pictures on a tote to hold all the goodies!
5. Classic Apple Basket with many liner options.
6. Egg collecting basket, in rust.
7. Copper! Comes in three sizes.
8. Functional Wire basket, in two sizes.
9. Beatrix Potter™ Easter Bucket, on sale!
10. Set of Three! I’m dying over the artwork on these retro buckets, check out all three!

If you’d like some ideas for themed baskets and fillers, there are some great collections here.
And some of my favorites for Eggs and Grass:

Emoji Plastic Eggs
Marble Easter Eggs
Glitter Eggs
Patterned Eggs

Rainbow Grass
Tinsel Grass, in 4 colors.
Edible Easter Grass!

P.S. — Easy salt dough egg ornaments for your Easter tree.