This morning I was admiring the pretty bottle of perfume Ben Blair gave me for Christmas. It’s a scent my friend, Katherine Kaneko, introduced me to just days before we moved to Colorado. And I had been thinking about procuring a bottle ever since. It’s really quite wonderful. Bond No. 9, Eau de New York.

I love when Ben Blair gives me perfume. Honestly, I rarely remember to put it on, but when I do, I adore the way I feel. Plus, I always like the image of Ben at the Sak’s perfume counter — getting advice and picking out something with me in mind. It’s just so sweet.

In light of my New Year grooming resolution, I’m promising myself to be scented and lovely the whole year through. : )

Do you have a favorite scent, Dear Readers? What is it? Are you a perfume girl — or would you prefer chocolate (or jewelry)? Is there a sweet thing you love to do for your spouse?