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I’m happy as can be to introduce you to Arhaus — a fabulous source for unique, high quality, well designed home furniture and decor. Their product developers travel the globe working directly with skilled artisans. And they focus on using sustainable materials, including gorgeous recycled natural resources like copper and stone. Arhaus even holds a long standing commitment to never use wood from endangered rain forests.  Something else that’s fun about Arhaus is that they love design that works and plays — their pieces are designed to be functional and highly useable, constructed to last for generations.

Arhaus asked me to share a few tips to improve your home lighting — and there’s a generous giveaway for you too.

Tip #1: Don’t give up on awkward lighting situations

There are spaces in pretty much every house that are challenging to light. Like maybe there’s no accessible electrical outlet. But the encouraging thing to remember is, we’re not living in a vacuum. Any challenge you’re facing has probably been faced by others. There’s a good chance a lighting designer out there has taken the challenge and come up with a fix.

In our case, we needed more light directly above our coffee table — where a lot of board games and card games take place. But with current room configuration, it was tricky to add a lamp.

Happily, this gorgeous Arc Floor Lamp was just the fix. It hangs directly over the table, while staying clear of foot traffic. In the evenings, that additional wattage is so helpful. And the lamp has a built-in diffuser too — which really softens the light and keeps glare out of our eyes.

Tip #2: There are options when a one-size-fits-all lamp isn’t working.

Sure, a lamp next to a chair in a reading nook seems like a simple thing, until you install it and realize the light is great for your husband, but gets in your eyes (because you’re a different height). Or that you can’t actually direct the light to the pages of your book, and you’re still straining to see the pages. Or that you just needed some light and don’t have room for a big fixture that’s taking up a lot of floor space.

The handsome hardware on this Kellen Floor Lamp allows it to be flexible — while the base stands still, the light can move right to left, and tilt up and down.

And the stunning circular base in antiqued brass, can tuck under a chair or table to reduce the footprint of this floor lamp to almost nothing. If you’re feeling like your space is cramped, a lamp like this is an excellent fix.

Tip #3: A new lamp is a fast, easy way to freshen up a room.

I don’t know about you, but one of my design issues is this: I get a room or space into shape, and adore being there. But a year later, the space loses my attention and I start convincing myself it needs a redesign.

Luckily I’ve learned that instead of giving in to an unnecessary redesign, all I need to do is freshen up the space with something new, and I fall in love with it all over again. A lamp is a simple, easy way to refresh a space, because lamps have such big personalities and can really change the feeling of a room.

The Countess Table Lamp is the antidote to my boredom. It comes in a deep shade of blue, with a crackled resin surface that makes you want to look closer. And the white silk shade makes a lovely contrast to the heavy base.

From the front it looks like a full sphere, but from the side you can see it’s narrower in the middle — which makes it perfect for a narrow console table. I love our entry way, and this new lamp keeps it feeling fresh.

Tip #4: Let your lamps do the work they were designed to do.

If you’ve ever been shopping for lighting, you know there’s a whole category called Task Lamps. And they’re designed to do exactly that: light up your tasks. So if tabletop work is something you deal with — writing, drawing, crafting, etc. — then a task lamp can make your work a whole lot better. They allow you to bring the light close to where you work, and focus the light on the task at hand.

This Antoine Brass Task Lamp is a natural choice. It features a clean combination of form and function in solid brass. I love the detail on the feet and how the v-base sits heavy on the desk. You can shuffle stuff around all day long, but this lamp isn’t going to get in your way.

Here are more lighting options that caught my eye, and would be a great fit with the tips I mentioned:

1. Clarence Floor Lamp | 2. Sorbonne Floor Lamp | 3. Casey Task Lamp | 4. Bezier Table Lamp | 5. Balor Table Lamp | 6. Adrano Table Lamp | 7. Aston Floor Lamp

You can check out more pieces from Arhaus to decorate your home here. Let’s go shopping today! Enter this Giveaway and you could win a $500 gift card from Arhaus. Woo hoo! To enter, visit Arhaus, and comment back on this post with one item you’d love to have!


UPDATE: This giveaway is closed. The winner is AMELIE who commented, “My living room is calling out for the Aston Floor Lamp!”