We don’t usually put up much in the way of Easter decorations — spring flowers and colored eggs are plenty festive. But I found these tiny wooden ornaments at a bargain price (about $3 for a set of 10) and was drawn to them like a magnet! So I thought it would be fun to put together a simple Easter tree this year.

Over the weekend we cut a few branches of forsythia, secured them in a vase with pebbles and water, and hung the little ornaments among the blossoms. The kids loved it! June especially. She’s at that age where every new activity is mind-blowingly wonderful.

Have you ever decorated an Easter tree before? Do you put up other spring decorations? Have you decided how you’ll dye your eggs this year?

P.S. — My one and only other Easter tree was a wonderful gift from my friend Megan, right before we moved from New York.