bright easter eggs

Now that April Fool’s Day is over and done with (I’m still laughing!), my mind has turned to Easter. I’m really excited about it. The first thing I said to the family when I saw our yard was that it would be the perfect spot for a giant Easter Egg Hunt. So we’re hatching plans to host one.

It’s only been 2 months, and we’re still making friends, but hopefully we’ll be able to gather a fun crowd. The invitations are almost done, a huge box of plastic eggs have been shipped to me, and now I’m ordering ribbon to hang in the garden.

These photos show the eggs we dyed last year. I posted photos of the gorgeous dye baths, but never shared the actual eggs. Didn’t they turn out wonderfully? We used NotMartha’s dyeing instructions. The more intense colors stayed in the dye longer.

pastel easter eggs

I’ve asked around, and it sounds like decorating hard-boiled eggs is not really done here in France — trying to find more info on that little detail. It’s one of my favorite parts about Easter, so we’ll probably decorate eggs either way.

What are your April plans?

P.S. — I put more fun Easter links in the sidebar.

colorful easter eggsbright easter eggs