So many neat ideas have shown up in my inbox this week, I thought I would share a few of my favorites — while you still have time to try them out!

Tiny Pinata Eggs!
They might be too cute to smash.

No-sew Bowtie.
Oh get out of town. How cute are these?!

Watercolor Easter Party.
Your kids can watercolor all the decorations! Invites, cupcake holders, garland — everything is available as a free download.


Speaking of all this handmade goodness, I’m a judge for the 2012 Handmade Olympics!! And I’m honored to be involved (just check out my fellow judges). There are 7 different categories and over $1700 in prizes. Woot!

For each event, you can nominate one of your own fabulous creations, shops or blogs, plus nominate one of your favorites from another shop, site or blog. But. Nominations close tomorrow (4/5), so don’t delay. You can find out more here. I hope you win!

P.S. — If you’re curious, I’ll be judging event #2: Favorite Handmade Goodie for Kids.