I realize I’m not the only one Easter snuck up on this year, but forshizzle, I almost missed it. I started the month with big plans — hopeful thoughts of getting wheat grass planted in plenty of time. But it didn’t happen. Here’s how it went down at our house:

Easter clothes were purchased on Saturday.

Easter decor went up Saturday evening.

Easter eggs were dyed (rubberbands make the streaks) on Sunday afternoon.

And our pathetic Easter dinner (taco salad was on the menu, because I’m seriously not kidding about Easter sneaking up on me) was saved by an invitation to a real-Easter-dinner-plus-egg-hunt Sunday evening. Where the food was so yummy and the company so delightful that this Easter-that-almost-wasn’t was possibly our favorite Easter yet.

One last highlight: an unexpected Easter package from Lindsey — full of an assortment my very favorites — pear Jelly Belly’s, sour candies and caramels. It was a generous package, but she picked my favorites so precisely that it lasted about 5 minutes in my able hands.