Easter is coming up fast! It’s on April 4th (in case you were curious). I always find holidays that fall at the beginning of the month sort of difficult. Because I tend not to think about things happening in April until April arrives. Do any of you feel the same?

But this year I’m kind of on top of things. I was at Target earlier this month, picking up a few things for Maude’s birthday, when I spotted these cute cotton dresses. Right then and there I outfitted the 3 girls for Easter. Head to toe. That’s right. Dresses, tees, cardigans, flats, rainboots. All in one stop. Don’t they look great?

True, it’s out of character for me not to shop around a bit for something like this, but I figure, the closer I get to my due date, the more practical I’d better be. (Plus, the sweaters and tees were on sale, how could I say no?)

I didn’t see anything I loved for the boys during the same shopping trip (except Oscar’s shoes), but I outfitted Oscar easily at Children’s Place. Khakis, polo and yellow socks for a little pop of color. The blue button-down was already in his closet. I still haven’t shopped for Ralph yet. Most likely, I’ll just pick him up a new spring necktie.

Are you doing Easter clothes this year? Where have you found cute stuff?