This gardenia scented powder is the souvenir I brought back from Florence. I purchased it at the 600-year-old pharmacy called Santa Maria Novella. I couldn’t resist the little floral pattern on the paper canister. Plus, I knew I would put it to good use because I love dusting powder!

I use it to dust the sheets when I make up the beds, and I use it on my hair when I’m out of dry shampoo. Are you a powder fan?

As promised, here are some of my favorite images from the pharmacy. Every thing about the shop feels ancient. The whole place is dimly lit and quiet. There are several different rooms, each one lined with glass cases, and each case filled with beautifully packaged soaps, perfumes and lotions.

The grand entrance is on a narrow little street. It took us awhile to find it.

I was tempted by the soaps, but I resisted.

I was also tempted by the wall of perfumes. They looked like jewels! But I resisted these as well.

These floral print paper canisters were my downfall. They come in lovely scents. Aren’t they gorgeous?

I also love souvenirs I can really use when I arrive home. How about you? What sorts of things do you bring back from your adventures? Photos? Jars of sand? Or maybe just a belly full of gelato?