By Gabrielle.

While browsing through this almost yearbook style look back at street-style stars before they started dressing for the camera, two thoughts kept battling in my brain. Were their drastic style progressions a product of being snapped by Tommy Ton and other famous street photographers plus a desire to keep their fashion flames burning, or did their daring wardrobe risks simply evolve naturally over time? (Three thoughts: Wow. That hat!)

I wonder. And then I look inward. Do I dress a certain way or think hard about my kids’ outfits so that we’re always Design Mom or Olive Us ready? Or is it just the designer in me expressing my long-held belief that clothes and all that we surround ourselves with are our palette, and why not paint our own little sections of the world prettily?

I’m sure it’s a bit of both. Before I started blogging, I already had 5 kids, plus a long history of attempting to outfit them in clothes that looked great. But I’ve also been known to adjust someone’s scarf or hat just so, before I snap the instagram of the day.

It’s a concept I think about a lot with all of my online endeavors. Am I taking on projects because someone else is watching, or because I’m always on the lookout for ways to develop my skills and stretch my talents? Whether I’m thinking of myself as a mom or a designer or a blogger or a conference creator, I’ve always thought of myself as a work in progress. So I hope I’m just constantly trying to be a better me.

Tell me: If you’re a blogger, an Instagrammer, or otherwise immersed in the virtual world, do you dress differently for the camera? Or do you present your kids only in their sunshine moments? Do you take more risks or even more time before presenting your image to your audience? I’d really love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. — I suppose this is an extension of  last week’s discussion about selfies.