Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday? Downtown Chic. The book by Sixx Design — the husband-wife interior design collaboration. (Remember the interview I posted with Sixx Design? It was awesome.)

Friends. This book is the best design book I’ve read in ages. There are at least 10 ideas I want to copy right this minute. No really. Just last night I started drawing up plans for a new master bed and a work table for the art room based on images from the book. It is inspiring from start to finish and will leave you wondering why you didn’t think to buy a horribly ugly building on the edges of Soho and make it beautiful.

Also. I love the glimpses into the life of any big family. I love seeing the similarities between the house I grew up in, the house I run now and the house in the book. Big families just engender a certain amount of chaos that is appealing to me.

My personal favorite part of the book: seeing my little sister Jordan’s blog, Oh Happy Day, featured on page 20. Anyone who is a fan of Jordan is good by me.