By Koseli.

Are you obsessed with Downton Abbey, or are you still wondering whether you should buy in to this popular series? For those new to all things Downton, here’s a quick schooling.

It’s pronounced “down-tun” not “downtown.” Fans will correct you if you get it wrong! It’s a British period drama that takes place after the Edwardian era. Downton Abbey itself is the grand country home of the aristocratic family, the Crawleys. It’s all about British social hierarchy, the major events going on at the time — the sinking of the Titanic, World War I, Spanish Influenza epidemic, etc. — and the effect this has on the Crawley family, their servants, and their friends. Sprinkle in some surprise romance, courting angst, dark pasts, and Victorian ideals, and you have a Golden Globe award-winning drama. It’s so good! Promise me you’ll curl up with some hot chocolate and cozy socks and try out an episode?

Have you ever been addicted to any other series? Sex and the City, Lost, Mad Men, The Wire, and Breaking Bad all come to mind when I think of devoted fans. But I grew up on Masterpiece Theater, so British dramas seem to be my thing!

P.S. — Obsessed Downton fans created some funny blogs here, here, and here. Careful! I hear spoilers are on some of those links.